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FOUND: A Rolled Up $1 at 4am (Guest Shoegaze)

September 8, 2009

Found: DJ Fabulous is a friend and fan of the blog, who certainly lives up to her name.  Because she lives in Allston, she’s a familiar face at many of the neighborhood’s restaurants, bars and clubs.  So it was only fitting that DJ Fabulous ended a recently Allston evening with a trip to Twin Donuts, the iconic Union Square (that’s Allston, not Somerville) institution that opens its doors sometime around 4am each day with hot, fresh donuts.  The earliest arrivals at Twin Donuts are usually folks who are up real early (MBTA bus drivers, for example) and those who are up real late (DJ Fabulous and friends).

On a recent late night/early morning, DJ Fabulous was enjoying some breakfast goodness when she spied a familiar item lying near another patron – a one-dollar bill, tightly rolled in typical Allston fashion.  DJ Fabulous alerted the patron, who quickly retrieved his means of staying awake past 4am.

Location:  This dollar bill was spotted by DJ Fabulous at Twin Donuts in Allston, MA

Source:  A late-night reveler grateful to have retrieved his means of delivering a certain trendy stimulant.

Destination:  One does not need be a rocket scientist to figure out what became of this particular bill, suffice to say it recently parted company with a pocket full of large bills.

Note: read all about it on DJ Fabulous’s blog –


FOUND: Solace for a Soggy Shoegazer

November 7, 2008

Found: The Shoegazer began his night at the Silhouette, a bar on Brighton Avenue in Allston, but after DJ Fabulous spilled an entire beer in his lap, it was time to head elsewhere.

Halfway between the sites of previous finds, Great Scott and O’Briens, lies Common Ground, an unassuming neighborhood bar known for its decade-themed dance nights, solid beer selection and cranky owners. The Shoegazer was once a regular at the Thursday 80’s party known as Love Night, and still goes back on those evenings when a hankering for Neneh Cherry, Murray Head or Duran Duran just won’t go away. Common Ground, while not as lucky as Great Scott or O’Briens, is still a place where a lost dollar or two can turn up at anytime. And of course, “anytime” can certainly include finding a crumpled $1 bill lying on the middle of the floor in the bar area. A few steps to the left, a nonchalant reach downward, and just like that, The Shoegazer is $1 richer.

Location: Common Ground, a bar on Harvard Ave in Allston, MA. Harvard Ave is also known as The Golden Road, as its Allston section essentially begins at O’Briens and ends at Great Scott, when the street passes into Brookline.

Source: A careless 80’s fan.

Destination: This dollar is no longer in The Shoegazer’s possession, however he as no recollection of spending it, so perhaps The Shoegazer has inadvertently paid it forward. Let’s just hope the rest of his money is where it ought to be.


FOUND: 2 Tricks, 0 Treats

November 1, 2008

Found: With The Shoegazer’s recent track record at Great Scott, the much-hyped Pill Halloween Show seemed the perfect place to continue the streak, as surely ill-fitting costumes would let bills both large and small slip unnoticed into the dark, beery oblivion. What The Shoegazer did not count on, however, was that Halloween is also the night of Trick or Treat, and maybe recent good luck at Great Scott led The Shoegazer to believe that he would be getting more treat than trick. However, the opposite turned out to be true.

Early into the night, as The Sun Lee Sunbeam were playing an animated send-up to Elastica (minus the smack, I hope and assume), a small piece of paper came into view near the bar. A quick reach revealed the first Trick played on The Shoegazer on Halloween – it was in fact money, but unfortunately it was a fake $20 bill. And just in case there was any question about its authenticity, the bill was about half-sized, measuring approximate 3 inches by 1 inch.

DJ Fabulous

the fake $20, with a real fiver and High Life bottle shown for scale. photo: DJ Fabulous

Later on, as Wonderful Spells had done the Kinks better than maybe even the Davies are capable of these days, and Perennials reunited to get the dancefloor going as The Strokes, The Shoegazer made his second deceptive discovery of the evening – with the assistance of DJ Fabulous, The Shoegazer came up with a fake $100 bill, this one full sized, but to set aside any doubts of its validity, the reverse of the bill was blank. What The Shoegazer thought may be another bill turned out to be any empty Miller High Life bottle. Cursed again!

Location: All of these non-finds happened at The Shoegazer’s traditional stomping grounds, Great Scott in Allston, MA

Source: The Shoegazer has no idea which Halloween costume produced the half-sized fake $20, as it could have been any number of show-goers. The Shoegazer did spot another fake $100 bill as part of another person’s costume, so it’s safe to assume that she was probably the source of this one. There were three Sarah Palins in the crowd, including one 6-foot-tall guy wearing size 16 heels (apparently sold for Dennis Rodman impersonators? The Shoegazer can’t believe there was a market for such a shoe). Perhaps the fake money was part of a fake Palin’s economic stimulus package. Releasing fake money onto barroom floors is about on par with most of the Republicans’ economic proposals this time around.

Destination: The Shoegazer will keep these fake bills as a keepsake.

DJ Fabulous

a bogus $100 bill. not shown: its blank reverse. photo credit: DJ Fabulous

FOUND: Next Week’s Cover Charge

October 11, 2008

FOUND:  The Shoegazer ventured back to the fertile grounds of The Pill, Fridays at Great Scott in Allston, MA, only to walk into a goldmine (or paper mine, anyway) of lost bills.  It’s getting to the point were finding money on the ground at this night is as common as hearing a dancefloor classic from Pulp or Blur.  This night was special because The Shoegazer made not one lucky find, but two.  Find #1 occured around 1 AM on Saturday, October 11, when two $1 bills, folded together, were spotted under some bar stools.  Had it ended there, it still would have been a good night, but around 2 AM, The Shoegazer was on the stage after the last song of the night had ended, when he spotted a $5 bill lying on the stage.  The fiver is one of the “new” bills featuring the watermarks, yellow “05”s raining down upon the Lincoln Memorial, and of course, the big purple “5” on the lower right corner of the reverse side. 

The Shoegazer

photo credit: Phlegm; hand: The Shoegazer

Location: Both finds occured at Great Scott in Allston, MA, at the corner of Commonwealth and Harvard Avenues.  Find #1 happened by the bar, with Find #2 revealing itself on the stage.

Source: Find #1 appears to be the result of someone being less than careful putting bills back in their pocket or purse following a bar transaction.  Find #2 appears to have wiggled free from some dancing fool. 

Destination: Per usual, The Shoegazer witnessed neither of these finds wrestling free from their rightful owners, and as such the funds were pocketed by the still-underemployed Shoegazer.  Fittingly, these bills have a date to return to Great Scott, where they will once again change hands at the Allston music club.  From there, they will potentially be given as change to other bar patrons, and at Great Scott that means anything could happen.

Note: because The Pill has been so kind to The Shoegazer, it’s only right that the favor be repayed in the form of a plug for their upcoming Halloween show.

The Pill Halloween Show. The original, and best, local music Halloween show

The Pill Halloween Show. The original, and best, local music Halloween show

Found: At Great Scott (Not Constantinople)

September 6, 2008

Found: One Turkish passport, similar to the one in the photo.  Although there was no money involved in this find, it was such an unusual item to find on the ground at an Allston club night that I felt it was worth blogging about.

Where: The Pill, at Great Scott in Allston, MA.  If there’s a better place to find Turkish consular documents, I haven’t heard of it.

Source: A careless Turk would be my best guess

Destination: Was handed to Tim, the bartender in charge last night at the club.  So if you’re a Turk that’s short one passport, I’d start my search with him, before he clears customs in Istanbul.

FOUND: Dancefloor Dollar

June 14, 2008

Found: The Shoegazer has been a longtime regular at “The Pill”, which for the past few years has been held every Friday at Great Scott in Allston, MA.  You’ll notice from previous posts that Great Scott is a popular spot to lose currency out of one’s pocket or purse.  Inevitably it winds up on the floor until someone happens to be looking downward at the right time.  That person is usually me.  So I was shaking my booty on Friday hoping to avoid those flailing dancefloor boneheads who think The Pill is Thunderdome Jr, when I spied a small piece of green and white paper on the floor.  Eureka!  The Shoegazer’s dry streak is over, and just in time – The Shoegazer found himself freed of the shackles of full-time employment this very week. 

Location: The middle of a crowded dancefloor.  I realize I risked being slammed into or having my hand stepped on by a stiletto, but my risk paid off.

Source: Hopefully that asshole who was flailing like a jackass on the dancefloor and knocked a full beer out of my hand. 

Destination: This dollar made The Shoegazer’s next beer 25% cheaper.  While at The Pill, The Shoegazer likes to live the high life, and sip the champagne of beers. 

FOUND: Thirteen Year Old Abe

April 25, 2008

Found: One five dollar bill in the “old” style, before the early-00’s re-design came into effect and modernized the fiver.  This bill dates back to 1995 and is well-worn, although it’s outlasted a vast majority of its siblings.  My guess is that it sat in someone’s sock drawer or pants pocket for many years before re-entering circulation.

Location: An expected spot – on the floor of a bar.  This bar happens to be O’Briens, a small live music venue on Harvard Ave. in Allston, MA.  This bill was spotted almost immediately after entering the bar.  Interesting side fact – about six years ago The Shoegazer found a crisp $50 bill lying on the ground right outside this bar.  Perhaps O’Briens is part of a portal or Bermuda Triangle for lost money turning up.

Source: Clearly an inattentive bar patron, although the bigger mystery is how this old-school $5 bill has lasted so long while much newer bills turn up far more worn.

Destination: The Shoegazer is always pleased to come into the possession of an old bill.  He has an appreciation for all things vintage, and it displeased him greatly to part with this bill at his next stop of the evening.  This bill landed in the hands of the door man at Common Ground (up the street), who was collecting cover charges for the bar.  The fiver ultimately allowed The Shoegazer entry into a room full of drunk people dancing to 80’s music, plus two dollars in change.

FOUND: Sawbuck

October 7, 2007


Found: $10 bill, similar to the one in the picture, but bearing the traditional portrait of unlucky dueler/founding father Alexander Hamilton

Where: Great Scott, a bar and music club in Allston, MA.  This bill was found folded, under a barstool.  As you’ll notice as we go along that noisy, crowded bars are prime territory for finding jettisoned bills as they slip out of bar patrons’ pockets. 

Source: unknown.  The person who lost this bill had left the scene prior to its discovery, so it was pocketed by The Shoegazer.

 Destination: The Shoegazer spent this sawbuck at Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square on Saturday, October 6.  The Shoegazer purchased a bowl of soup, a piece of bread and a small iced tea and received several dollars in change.