Some people have a lucrative skill.  Some people have a rich uncle.  Some people are good at stealing or ripping people off.  Some people are good at blackjack.  Some people bought shares of Microsoft long ago.  Some people are lucky with the lottery.  I find the money you dropped on the ground without noticing.

The Shoegazer is a Boston-area resident who became accustomed to looking for treasures on the ground as a child, beachcombing in search of sand dollars, seashells, and pirate gold that never seemed to materialize.  I found my first dollar bill on that beach – probably washed out of some swimmer’s pocket.  I now comb the urban landscape with my eyes downward, on the lookout for that dollar bill you just dropped without noticing.  If I see you drop it I’ll give it back, but if you leave the scene before I arrive it’s finders keepers.

Email The Shoegazer at theshoegazerblog@gmail.com


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  1. Dot in the Galaxy Says:

    Good title and nice postings.

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