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FOUND: Several small scores

January 13, 2014

Found: The Shoegazer has once again moved across state lines, and being busy with that and other things means less time for blogging. However, here’s a quick update of recent finds:

  • $12 on the ground at TT The Bear’s in Cambridge, MA, lying in a dark corner of the main performance room
  • $5 on the ground at TT The Bear’s during the weekly new wave dance night “Heroes” on Saturdays
  • a wet $1 bill on the ground in Lot Six, the Central Square parking lot that inspired a rock band
  • another $5 bill on the ground at TT The Bear’s, again at “Heroes” as the lights came on at the end of the night
  • a Charlie Card (MBTA/Boston electronic fare card for subway & bus fares) on the floor at TT the Bear’s. The Shoegazer does not know if it has money on it, but even if it’s empty, The Shoegazer could use a new Charlie Card.