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FOUND: Pizza Dough

October 17, 2013

Found:  Prior posts on this blog have revealed The Shoegazer to be a fan of Maine in general and specifically the city of Portland. It’s full of classic New England charm and traditional Maine cuisine, but also lots of record stores, vintage shops, and restaurants serving all kinds of food, including some of the best Japanese food The Shoegazer has had the pleasure of eating. It’s also a place where money turns up on the ground from time to time – past Portland finds have included the sidewalk outside a bar, and under a bar stool.

Upon arriving in Portland on a recent Sunday to enjoy an afternoon of walking around and sampling some of his favorite restaurants, The Shoegazer’s first stop was to pop in at Otto Pizza on Congress Street, to satisfy hunger pangs that couldn’t wait for the arrival of his partner in crime, The Oxygen Tank Music Aficionado (so named for her appreciation of early-mid 20th century music, mostly listened by the elderly “oxygen tank” set).
The Shoegazer grabbed his slice of pizza from Otto, a local favorite that has recently branched out to the Boston area that frequently offers multiple white (non-tomato) pizza slices, a rarity outside of New York City. Immediately after leaving Otto, The Shoegazer glanced downward just long enough to spot a $10 bill lying on the ground at his feet.
Location: This tenner was found outside of Otto Pizza on Congress Street in Portland, Maine.
Source: As Congress is a busy street full of shops and eateries, the sidewalk was pretty crowded that Sunday afternoon. While there was nobody in the immediate vicinity of the sawbuck, whoever dropped it couldn’t have passed by more than a few minutes prior. A couple of girls with Ugg boots on passed through the area a minute or so before, so perhaps this Hamilton was saved from a fate of being spent on cigarettes or Coors Light.
Destination: This $10 rode around the streets of Portland in The Shoegazer’s pocket for another hour or two. It was then spent on a late lunch at Duckfat, where The Shoegazer and Oxygen Tank Music Girl shared a bowl of Duckfat’s famous poutine (Belgian style fries, duck gravy, cheese curd, duck confit) and a beet salad.
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