FOUND: Farm Fresh Fiver

Found: Manchester, Vermont is not exactly a hotspot for finding money on the ground. In fact, your humble narrator has dropped more money on the ground in Manchester than he has recovered. Nevertheless, if one continues to look down you’ll eventually spot something. The Shoegazer was returning to his car after visiting the Spiral Press Cafe (in the same space as the famed Northshire Bookstore, which is worth going out of one’s way to visit) when he spotted something in the gutter. Instantly recognizable as US currency, a $5 bill came into view in the gutter of the street, up against the curb.

The bill seem to have been on the ground for awhile – it was dirty and still damp from rains that had ended the afternoon before. How did this bill sit unrecovered for so long? It’s possible that it was underneath a parked car, as The Shoegazer found the bill not too far from a parked car. The car in question had out of state plates and a dog left inside, so if there was anyone who deserved to be out five bucks, it’s a minivan driver from Connecticut who leaves their dog in the car. The Shoegazer was a little mad at himself for noticing this bill on his way TO the cafe, as it was found only upon returning to the car. Although, it’s possible the bill had been under a car and had just now dried out enough to be blown up against the curb.

Interesting historical note: this bill, bearing the portrait of Abraham Lincoln, was found about two miles from Hildene, the Lincoln family home, now a popular historical site in Manchester.

Location: This bill was found up against a curb in a section of on-street parking spaces on Bonnet Street, aka Route 30, in Manchester, VT, down the street from the Spiral Press Cafe.

Source: While the bill appeared to have been damp and not recently dropped, The Shoegazer hopes it came from one of the town’s many out of state visitors.

Destination: This $5 bill was spent at Clear Book Farm in Shaftsbury, VT, purveyors of the best corn on the cob The Shoegazer has ever gotten stuck between his teeth. He also purchased a container of Gammelgarden Creamery’s excellent maple skyr and grabbed a copy of Edible Green Mountains, which was free and did not require the services of the recently found fiver.




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