FOUND: Fifteen on the Floor, Before TT’s Fortieth

Found: The Cambridge, MA rock club TT the Bear’s is nearing its 40th anniversary. During that time, the venue has served primarily as a live music venue, as well as, in its early year, a restaurant. Remnants of the TT’s kitchen are still there, though much of the space was done away with when the sound booth was moved back. In recent years, TT’s has also played host to a handful of weekly and monthly dance nights, many of which were once affiliated with Man Ray, the Boston area’s beloved defunct goth club.

“Heroes” is a Saturday fixture at TT’s, a goth-ish new wave dance night starring Chris Ewen, who some might know for his musical contributions to bands like Future Bible Heroes and Figures on a Beach. The Shoegazer and Miss Artgal stopped by late Saturday night for a little dancing and, just maybe, some shoegazing. TT’s in recent years has become quite the hotspot for finding money on the ground, maybe because the TT’s of “Heroes” is cash-only as of late, the atmosphere is one of loud music, bright lights and dark corners, so it’s only natural that money falls to the ground. Sometimes it stays there for quite some time.

In a dark corner, not far from the DJ booth and Chris Ewen’s blinding neon sign, The Shoegazer spied something on the floor. Cash, or napkin? Quite often it turns out to be the latter, but today it was cash money – $15, a tenner and a fiver, found together.

Location: These bills were found near the DJ booth on a dark, unoccupied bit of dance floor at TT the Bear’s in Cambridge, MA.

Source: Given the amount, my guesstimation would be someone who bought a cheap beer (a $4 purchase at TT’s), left a dollar for the barkeep and took their $15 in change without carefully securing it on a pocket or purse. Since nobody was even within a few feet of this money, the source remains at large.

Destination: The fiver went toward the purchase of a drink at last call, while the sawbuck was spent around 3am at the New Yorker Diner in Watertown, MA, which is one of the only late night eating spots in all of the Boston area. It’s open all night, folks. Get on that.


One Response to “FOUND: Fifteen on the Floor, Before TT’s Fortieth”

  1. Says:

    The New Yorker Diner, “the diner that never sleeps” home of the scali french toast, and a decent burger. heart. You forgot to mention Lady ArtGals wife’s husband cutting up a rug.

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