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FOUND: Sawbuck at the Racetrack

August 6, 2013

Found: The Shoegazer had never been to a horse race before, and living within an hour’s drive of the storied track in Saratoga, rectifying that shortcoming was long overdue. Now, The Shoegazer has long been known to “bet on the wrong horse” in situations where there are no actual horses present. He gets into the grocery store line that’ll undoubtedly involve a personal check and a pile of coupons; at toll booths he winds up behind the guy getting change for a $20 and asking for a receipt. So The Shoegazer didn’t really expect to win much of anything betting on the horses.

Still, The Shoegazer did win $11 on a horse finishing second (or “Place”, as the track parlance goes) while partner in equine Miss Artgal fared a little better, repeatedly winning small amounts of money betting favorites across the board. Hey, we’re learning this track lingo pretty quick, huh?

The Shoegazer didn’t really expect to find any money on the ground here, despite the fact that cash transactions and drinking were common at Saratoga Race Course, and those two ingredients frequently result in dropped money. But at the track, The Shoegazer spotted a couple of guys picking up discarded betting slips looking for winners, and surely if those guys had resorted to that tactic, they had probably already scanned the ground for financial flotsam.

To The Shoegazer’s surprise and delight, he spotted a $10 bill on the ground near the cashiers, where one places bets and cashes in winning tickets. The Shoegazer scooped up the errant sawbuck and the window attendant took notice. She was rather insistent that The Shoegazer chase after the possible dropper of the money, despite the fact that he didn’t see who dropped it. Still, The Shoegazer did manage to flag down the last person to visit that cashier, who said that all of his money was present and accounted for.

Location: This $10 bill was found near the cashier windows in the main concourse at Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Source: Not the guy that the cashier thought had dropped it. Despite the cashier and The Shoegazer’s best efforts (and by best, I mean asking one dude), the source of the money was not found and the bill remained in The Shoegazer’s possession. In the spirit of spending found money at or near the location of its recovery, The Shoegazer used part of it to place his next bet. Though he was tempted to see the lucky find a sign, he didn’t bet the full amount. This was also lucky, as the chosen horse did not finish in the money.

Destination: As mentioned above, part of the found $10 went toward a non-winning bet in the next race, and the rest paid for some groceries for a late dinner that evening. It’s only fitting that The Shoegazer fared better by looking at the ground than by looking at the horses or the racing program.


*no benches were moved in the making of this photo.