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FOUND: Fertile Ground at Solid Sound

July 2, 2013

Found: The Shoegazer had a blast at the Solid Sound festival at Mass MoCA recently, although he was off the mark when it comes to finding money on the ground. Large concerts and music festivals are usually a great place to look – you’ve got crowds, drinking, lots of cash-only financial transactions – everything you need to facilitate a few dropped dead presidents.

Maybe it was the fact that The Shoegazer was trying not to look down, after walking up several flights of grated stairwells to visit an airstream trailer suspended 4 stories off the ground.

Either way, the big money find for the weekend was made by Miss Artgal, who spotted an errant $1 bill on the ground near one of the beer stands. The next day, The Shoegazer and Miss Artgal were walking through the courtyard when another festival-goer plucked a $5 bill off the ground right in front of The Shoegazer. He was sent off with his prize with the instructions to spend it within sight of where it was found. So while Miss Artgal and a fellow Wilco fan made out pretty well, The Shoegazer is hoping a big score is in the offing.

Location: The $1 bill was found near a beer stand on Joe’s Field, an area on the grounds of Mass MoCA where the headliner, Wilco, had their stage set up. The $5 bill was found at the intersection of several footpaths through the Mass MoCA complex, not far from where the Wilco-themed strength tester carnival attraction was set up. Mass MoCA, for those unaware, is located in North Adams, Mass.

Source: It’s unlikely both of these bills were dropped by the same person, but hey, if you’re going to drop currency twice and only be out six bucks, it’s probably a best-case scenario. Chances are lots of money was dropped over this past weekend, as concert-goers had to contend with crowds, traveling light, darkness and the effects of the mostly high-ABV craft beers being sold.

Destination: The $5 bill, and its finder, went on their merry way and nothing else is known of the fate of either. Presumably the man is still alive, and Abraham Lincoln is still dead. The $1 bill, in the possession of Miss Artgal, posed for the picture below before being spent as a tip for a gin & tonic purchased at the Hong Kong in Cambridge, MA at a comedy show put on by Ken Reid.

After coming up short, The Shoegazer’s highlight of the weekend was probably Wilco’s Friday night all-request performance, where they covered Daft Punk, The Modern Lovers, Pavement, Cheap Trick and more.