FOUND: Enough $$ To Feed Some Goats

Found: Three one dollar bills, scattered among the motley assortment of attendees at “Heroes”, TT the Bear’s regular Saturday night new wave dance party. Although The Shoegazer first visited TT’s way back in 1996, it’s only in recent years that the venue’s floor has upped its generosity.

The first single turned up on the floor a short distance from the lounge bar, where former Man Ray bartender Terri mans the bar and many former Man Ray patrons congregate. Not all of their outfits are practical, however, and this occasionally leads to dropped money. Later in the evening, two more dollars were plucked from the dance floor, as The Shoegazer’s hand was nearly danced upon in the retrieval. 

Location: One dollar was found a few feet from the Lounge Bar, two more dollars in the middle of the dance floor. Both were at TT the Bear’s in Central Square, Cambridge, MA.

Source: The “Heroes” crowd consists of many former Man Ray patrons (storied, and now closed, goth club that was once half a block away), they frequently wear clothing that’s not exactly designed to carry around money. Dollar bills find it easy to make their escape after bar transactions.

Destination: These dollars traveled with The Shoegazer and Ms. Bun Bun (so named because she refers to every single wild rabbit in her Watertown neighborhood as “Mr. Bun Bun”, regardless of gender) to a farm stand in Boxford, MA where one can purchase vegetables to feed a pen of goats and sheep. The $3 in TT’s floor money paid for two bags of carrots, which were quickly devoured by a pair of hungry goats and their pen-mates.



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