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FOUND: Red Light Dollar Party

April 28, 2013

Found: After a rather long dry spell, The Shoegazer recovered a $1 bill from the floor of Red Square in Albany, NY, following a set by the NYC-based band Black Light Dinner Party. It’s been a slow year so far for The Shoegazer, who hasn’t spent a whole lot of time in crowded bars as of late. Here’s hoping that future visits to Great Scott in Boston and Upstate Concert Hall near Albany will yield some floor money, as they have so reliably done in the past.

Location: This bill was found folded in the center of the floor of the back room (where the bands play) at Red Square in Albany, NY at around 1:30am, right after Black Light Dinner Party’s set and after most patrons had started toward the exits.

Source: One of the approximately 50 or so fans with great taste in music who stayed late to catch BLDP’s set.

Destination: This dollar was spent the following day in Dorset, VT. There’s a white barn on the main road (route 30) where one can go in and buy local meat, eggs and produce (when in season) and pay by the honor system. The Shoegazer got a package of locally raised bacon for $5.50 and the shoegazed dollar went into the cash box.