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FOUND: A Tip For a Dancer

February 17, 2013

Found: Pardon the delay in posting this, but back in January The Shoegazer found himself back in the familiar sights of Central Square in Cambridge, MA, where he spent many an evening during the unnamed decade that spanned from 2000-2009. Showing a friend the excitement that is hopping between the Middle East and TT the Bear’s, The Shoegazer caught a few bands at the Middle East upstairs before heading over to TT’s for some dancing at Heroes.

As previously explained here on the blog, not all Boston music venues are created equal in terms of finding money on the ground. The undisputed king is Great Scott, while semi-regular scores have also been made at The Middle East, Brighton Music Hall, O’Brien’s and occasionally the Paradise. But before 2010 or so, finds at TT’s were rare. In recent years, the legendary venue has been coughing it up with some regularity; The Shoegazer has even made multiple finds in the same night

While on the dance floor later in the evening, The Shoegazer happened to glance downward and spotted some very trampled-upon money – upon retrieval the find totaled $11 – a sawbuck and a one.

Location: The $11 score was found in the middle of the main dance floor during “Heroes” at TT the Bear’s in Cambridge, MA.

Source: Someone with their dancing shoes on but eyes not on the prize. It probably slipped free of a pocket or purse after being given as change at the bar. It’s quite easy to drop money in this way and never notice, as evidenced by the six years’ worth of posts on this blog.

Destination: The $11 didn’t stay with The Shoegazer very long – it went toward the purchase of another round at the main bar.