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FOUND: Ambling Abes

November 11, 2012

Found: So it seems that Albany-area venue Upstate Concert Hall is the Great Scott of Upstate New York. Great Scott, of course, being the Boston concert venue famous on this blog for its frequent floor money finds. Upstate Concert Hall is dimly lit, even before and after the performances and its policy on tabs (minimum charges, having to hand over your ID to the bartender) encourages many to pay with cash. Though false alarms abound due to the “coming attractions” flyers that the door people hand out on the way in (when folded or crumpled they can resemble money in the perma-dusk of the venue), The Shoegazer made his latest find at the cavernous suburban venue.

The show featured a Shoegazer favorite, Yeasayer, along with previously unknown openers Sinkane. Though Upstate Concert Hall can hold maybe 1,500 people, back areas were curtained off to create a more intimate feel for the couple of hundred attendees of this show. Shortly before Yeasayer took the stage, The Shoegazer noticed a piece of paper on the floor near the bar. Was it one of the venue’s flyers or some paper money?

The delight of “ooh, a fiver” quickly turned into “ooh, two fivers”. A $10 find and one of the bigger ones of 2012.

Location: These bills were found tightly folded together on the floor near the main bar at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY.

Source: Somebody with great taste in music, who unfortunately probably had to have lousy taste in beer and drink cheaper PBR’s for the remainder of the evening.

Destination: While The Shoegazer appreciates good beer and less than appreciates the hangover he gets from even 1 or 2 PBR’s, $3 is a fair price and this find purchased a couple of that 1893 blue ribbon-winning swill.