FOUND: Got a Pocketful of Money

Found:  The Shoegazer was in Boston over the past weekend to catch Jens Lekman, one of his favorite artists and easily his favorite Swede.  A few years back Jens had a song called “Pocketful of Money”, a slow burning love ditty about blowing all his cash on a girl he’s head over heels for.  His performance of that song was pretty amazing on this night, as he performed the song without his band and using the audience’s finger snapping to provide him a beat.

About mid-way through the show, The Shoegazer decided it was once again beer o’clock and went over to the small beer-only side bar at Royale, the downtown nightclub hosting the show.  Near this small side bar, a one dollar bill was resting on the floor and was quickly added to The Shoegazer’s (dwindling) pocketful of money.

Location: This dollar was found near the small beer-only bar near the back of the room at Royale, a nightclub on Tremont Street in the Theater District of Boston.

Source: Jens also has a song called “Rocky Dennis’ Farewell Song to Blind Girl”, a reference to the 80s movie “Mask”.  Since Royale is relatively well-lit even while the performances are underway, it’s possible that whoever dropped this bill was blind – and possibly Rocky’s lost love.

Destination: In an attempt to squeeze as many favorite things as possible into one night (with thus far had included Jens Lekman and fish tacos, The Shoegazer headed to Kenmore Square and the Island Creek Oyster Bar for some ultra-fresh briny bivalves and a cocktail.  A dollar doesn’t buy a whole lot at Island Creek, but The Shoegazer did part with the remainder of his paper money for that evening, including the Royale floor dollar.

Jens Lekman, facilitator of found funds, from The Shoegazer’s view


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