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FOUND: Buttering Up The Floors of Upstate Concert Hall

September 27, 2012

Found: Many years and several jobs ago, The Shoegazer sat beside a fellow radio promoter named Greg, who overheard The Shoegazer regale many a DJ and music director with zany stories.  One of them involved a missing stick of butter, so from that point on The Shoegazer was known as “The Butter Guy” in some circles.  Sometimes he retorted by referring to Greg as “Greggles”, but it wasn’t as satisfying.

Though a twist of events we call life, both The Shoegazer and Greg are now living within driving distance of Albany and its suburb, Clifton Park, home to a music venue known for a generation as Northern Lights but recently re-christened Upstate Concert Hall.  After bumping into Greg and catching up for a bit, he mentioned The Shoegazer’s old talent to a few of his friends. 

No more than a few minutes had passed when The Shoegazer noticed something at the feet of Greg and two of his friends.  It should be noted that upon entry to Upstate Concert Hall, staffers hand people flyers listing upcoming shows, and a lion’s share of these wind up on the floor co-mingling with patrons’ lost money.  Having been fooled earlier in the night by a crumpled flyer, The Shoegazer thought that luck was not on his side until he spotted the unmistakable shape of grounded US currency.

It turns out that George Washington is quite the Minus the Bear fan, or perhaps he prefers the openers and decided to spend the headliner’s set on the floor.  Either way, The Shoegazer directed the trio to the dropped bill, where it was retrieved and offered to The Shoegazer.  It was suggested the bill go into a fund to pay for the venue’s reasonably priced $3 PBR’s.

Location: This dollar bill was on the floor near the main bar at Upstate Concert Hall, a music venue on route 146 in Clifton Park, NY.

Source:  Since this bill was due south of Greg’s pocket, The Shoegazer assumes it came from him.

Destination:  Greg pocketed this dollar with the suggestion that it be spent on another cheap, headache-inducing PBR.  But since $1 will approximately 1.25 sticks of butter, The Shoegazer will assume it was spent on that.


Greg aka Greggles, longtime fan and first time subject of The Shoegazer blog