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FOUND: Scott is Still Great

August 22, 2012

Found:  2012 has been a rather dry year for The Shoegazer.  It’s to be expected, living in an area with a fraction of the nightlife that the Greater Boston area had to offer.  But even on trips back to old haunts, shoegazes have been few and far between, and the Albany dropped money scene just isn’t picking up the slack the way The Shoegazer had envisioned.

Remedy?  Return to Great Scott, the site of so many past floor money discoveries.  The bar’s cash-only, no tabs policy result in many more opportunities for dropping money than at other bars, and as luck (or misfortune, depending on your perspective here) would have it, some of those opportunities manifest themselves in the form of… dropped money.

The Shoegazer almost didn’t investigate the folded piece of paper lying under a bar stool near the draft beer taps, but there was nobody standing nearby so The Shoegazer took a gander.  Often, things that appear to be money are nothing more than receipts or napkins, but in this case what was thought to be mere scrap paper turned out to be a faded, but perfectly valid, five-dollar bill.

Location: This well-worn fiver was lying under a bar stool near the beer taps at Great Scott, located on Commonwealth Ave in Allston, MA.

Source: Like many Great Scott patrons before them, a concert-goer either pulled this bill out by accident while paying for a drink, or failed to successfully pocket their change.  The source remains at large.

Destination:  The Shoegazer was in the midst of a classic Allston night, not enjoyed in quite some time.  Stops included sushi at Fish Market, cocktails at Deep Ellum, the show at Great Scott, and a final stop at The Model, where this bill was spent on a last-call buzzer-beating High Life, plus tip for the hardworking Mr. Unger.

The Brookline Lebowski shows off The Shoegazer’s latest prize