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FOUND: Go for Wings, Get the Bone

July 4, 2012

Found: The hit or miss nature of finding money contributes to the sporadic rate of posting seen here on The Shoegazer, but about 11 months ago, The Shoegazer re-located to a small town area of southwestern Vermont where apparently people keep a better hold of their loose bills.  Also, there are fewer bars here, they’re generally less crowded and your humble narrator spends less time in them than in Boston-area bars.  The Shoegazer famously lost a $20 bill in town shortly after moving to town, and posts have continued thanks to finds that occurred while The Shoegazer was visiting places like Boston, Portland and Albany.

The Shoegazer decided that a Red Bull was in order to help finish the day’s work, and what with it being a beautiful summer day, he decided to walk to a nearby convenience store to purchase one.  The most direct route to said convenience store is to walk through the gravel parking lot of the Firefly bar.

Barely noticeable among the gravel of the parking lot, The Shoegazer spotted and nearly walked right over a worn-out, crumpled $1 bill.  Like a rattlesnake disguised in an Arizona desert, this bill had seemingly spent a little time outside becoming more like its immediate surroundings.  With this find, The Shoegazer has ended a 11-month Vermont drought and added a new state to the list, joining Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, New York and, strangely enough, South Carolina.

Location:  This bill was spotted more or less in the middle of the parking lot behind the Firefly restaurant and bar in Manchester, Vermont.  Typically this area is where cars drive in and out of the lot and not part of any vacant parking space.

Source:  Obviously someone not fazed by the Firefly’s recent price increases, as beers have crept up toward city prices and the Thursday chicken wing night special, a steal at 35 cents per wing, is up to half a buck.

Destination: This bill probably only spent 2 minutes in The Shoegazer’s possession; noticing that the upcoming Mega Millions jackpot had reached 86 million dollars, The Shoegazer spent his windfall for a ticket with which he hopes to get a slightly larger windfall.

a bone from Firefly’s parking lot, and a welcome change from the usual chicken bones seen there.