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FOUND: My Goodness, My Shoegaze!

June 4, 2012

Found:  A long drought by Shoegazer standards ended on Saturday night at the Druid pub in Cambridge, MA.  While sitting at a bar stool with the Titillating Tippler, a familiar looking piece of paper was spotted on the floor between the tables and the small pub’s room-length bar.  The Shoegazer deputized the Tippler to retrieve the bill, which she did like a natural, snatching it up and returning it to the bar area.  It turned out to be a mere $1 bill, and as such, was offered up to the bartender as an incentive to keep the drinks coming.  They came.

The Big One that broke The Shoegazer’s dry spell

Location: This Mr. Washington was discovered on the floor of the Druid Irish pub in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA.  It was lying on the floor not far from a row of tables.

Source: Many people walked by this bill, either failing to notice its presence or maybe just failing to care.  The loss of denominations as small as this are rarely noticed by those who lose them.

Destination: This bill is yet another contender for least time spent in The Shoegazer’s possession.  It was plopped down on the bar where he and the Titillating Tippler and a few others were enjoying drinks, offered up as a tip to The Druid’s fastidious bartenders.

Lost a $1 bill? Cry no more, for it could’ve been way worse