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FOUND: The Great Lost Bill

January 16, 2012

Found:  The Shoegazer took advantage of a long weekend to eat and drink his way through Portland, Maine, the home to many of his favorite restaurants and bars.  Shoegazing was not explicitly on the itinerary, but finding money on the ground is about having a keen eye and being aware of your surroundings (particularly those below you).

Having previously come away from Portland beer bars with found money, The Shoegazer glanced around at the Great Lost Bear bar and spotted a bill lying below an occupied bar stool.  Since the stool dweller had yet to pay for anything, the Shoegazer determined that the bill was most likely not his, and thus up for grabs.  The night continued as other patrons trickled out of the bar, but this obvious first date situated above the mystery bill was continuing longer than initially predicted.  When the woman started to give her date advice about an apparently recent divorce, it was clear they were in this for the long haul.  The Shoegazer needed a plan.

So while putting on his jacket, The Shoegazer intentionally dropped a couple of coins and retrieved the wayward bill along with his coins.  While initially thought to be a single, The Great Lost Bill was in fact a twenty!

Location: This lost bill was found at The Great Lost Bear, a beer bar in Portland, Maine.  The bill was found under a bar stool at the main bar.

Source: Most likely the previous occupant of the bar stool that was later used for an internet date gone awry.

Destination: The Great Lost Twenty will remain in Portland for the time being, as it was spent on breakfast the following morning.

Why is the bear lost? He's blindfolded by a shoegazed $20!