FOUND: Black Taxi Fare

Found: Last Friday, The Shoegazer headed into Albany, probably the city nearest him that routinely gets touring bands through, for a bill that featured new favorites Black Taxi along with Paranoid Social Club and My Pet Dragon.  The Shoegazer caught Black Taxi live a few months ago and loved their onstage energy (not to mention catchy songs), though he was a tad disappointed to be at a street festival and not find any money on the ground.

However, this time The Shoegazer scanned the floors near the crowded main bar for treasures, and after a few false alarms that turned out to be napkins, he finally popped the Albany shoegazing cherry by recovering a crumpled, flattened $1 bill from the floor.

Location:  This one dollar bill turned up near the middle of the main bar at Jillian’s on North Pearl Street in Albany, NY.

Source: Albany is pretty divided sports-wise, with fans of New York teams, Buffalo and some Boston fans filling the room with various sports logos.  The Shoegazer hopes this bill came from a Yankees and/or Jets fan.

Destination: The next day The Shoegazer went to Mass MoCA in North Adams and then rolled a few games at the very cool Mt. Greylock Bowl afterward.  This dollar paid for one of the reasonably-priced games thrown on the alley’s vintage wooden lanes.

Ezra from Black Taxi posing with The Shoegazer's prize


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