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FOUND: Radio Free Money

October 13, 2011

Found:  The Shoegazer has recently departed his longtime home in the Boston area for a more laid back setting, and in these new environs there’s much more green in the scenery than on the ground.  But on a recent trip back to his old stomping grounds, The Shoegazer happened onto the opening night of a new music venue in Somerville called Radio.  In the former Club Choices site (and with Choices’ sign still hung above the door), a new enclave of Boston rock was unveiled before our very eyes.

Maybe due to everything being so new, Radio’s credit card machine was not yet operational, resulting in a flurry of cash transactions as patrons sweaty from the crowds and lack of AC imbibed round after round of adult beverages.  It was only a matter of time before The Shoegazer found something – a one dollar bill lying at the feet of Goddamn Glenn of the band Parlour Bells.

Location:  The dollar bill was found near the bar in the raised area to the side – a mezzanine area not unlike a small version of the one found at the Middle East downstairs.  All of this happened in the brand new nightclub Radio, on Somerville Ave in Somerville, MA.

Source:  A lover of Boston rock & cheap beer!

Destination:  The Shoegazer, thinking this bill had come from Goddamn Glenn, offered it up to him, who immediately offered it up as a bonus tip for the busy-bee bartenders struggling to keep up with demand for drinks.

Goddamn Glenn with a Founding Father