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Wanna Be A Shoegazer Too?

September 26, 2011

Most of the money The Shoegazer finds is dropped accidentally by unwitting people as they go about their daily business.  A transaction at a store or bar, the fumbling in pockets and purses for keys, or simply not stuffing a bill all the way into your pocket and having it wiggle out – and just like that, The Shoegazer is a little closer to making ends meet.  I’d say it requires some special skill, but really all you have to do is look down and be aware in places where money is likely to turn up (historically – bars, supermarkets and sidewalks).

But now, a new group of individuals is spreading the love, one $20 bill at a time.  Plenty O’ Twenties  are distributing cash throughout the Boston area and giving clues as to the whereabouts of each bill.  Get to it first, and it’s yours – that easy!  And now that The Shoegazer is no longer living in the Boston area, the playing field has been leveled for would-be shoegazers out there.  Recent $20 bills have been stashed under a bench in Harvard Square, in a cannon along the Charles and in the Davis Square sign outside Mike’s Pizza.  Another twenty was hidden inside the helmet of the Ted Williams statue outside Fenway Park – coincidentally the site of a $20 shoegaze that occurred before this blog began.

So keep your eyes on Plenty O’ Twenties and maybe you’ll find yourself a few bucks richer in the process!