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LOST: The Shoegazer Stars In “Green Mountain Gone”

August 24, 2011

Lost:  Whether you’re a new reader to this blog, an accidental visitor looking for My Bloody Valentine records, or someone who’s been following my misadventures going back to 2007, The Shoegazer has been quite fortunate (or skilled, if you prefer to look at it that way) when it comes to finding money on the ground.  In 2010 alone, The Shoegazer fetched more than $800 from floors and sidewalks – enough for one month’s rent at that year’s going rate.

Given the frequency of barroom finds and the fact that The Shoegazer is often a tad tipsy in said bars, it’s more than likely that he has offered some money of his own back to the floors he has plucked so many wayward bills from.

The lack of recent posts can be attributed to one thing – The Shoegazer has recently changed his environs, and the new ones feature more green in the scenery than on the floors and sidewalks.  In fact, there are fewer floors and sidewalks from which to pluck from.

Today, The Shoegazer headed to his new job with cash in pocket, planning to spend it on gas, iced coffee at work and some groceries for dinner later.  One $20 bill went toward the gas, but when The Shoegazer reached for the other twenty come coffee time, it was nowhere to be found.  Not in The Shoegazermobile.  Not on the floor of said new workplace.  Not in the parking lot of said job or the bank he had just visited.  Nope, that $20 has been offered up to the shoegazing gods.

Location: This bill was lost somewhere in the town of Manchester, VT – most likely at a gas station or bank parking lot.

Source: The Shoegazer!

Destination: Hopefully some Vermonter in need retrieved this bill and will spent it in the local economy.  The Shoegazer just wishes it wasn’t the only cash he had on hand.  Hopefully the offering up of this bill will lead to future finds as The Shoegazer looks to add Vermont to the list of shoegaze sites – currently limited to Massachusetts, New York, Maine and New Hampshire.