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FOUND: Just Got Paid…Saturday Nite!

July 15, 2011

Found:  Over this past year, Cambridge music venue TT the Bear’s has emerged as a newly fertile ground for finding dropped money.  This apparently is a new revelation, as The Shoegazer has been attending shows at TT’s since 1996 and only found a handful of singles there over the first 14 years.  But something happened in 2011 that led to multiple finds at TT’s, including one this past weekend.  The Shoegazer was in attendance for the Saturday “Heroes” dance night when he spotted undetermined US currency on the floor by the main bar.  He casually stepped over to the bar, reached down and retrieved a $5 bill.

Location:  This fiver was retrieved from the floor by the main bar at TT the Bear’s in Cambridge, MA.

Source: “Heroes” attracts a motley crowd of goths, rockers, hipsters, students and a healthy mix of straight and gay fans of the night’s new wave playlist.  Some of the outfits worn to “Heroes” are not conducive for holding on to money.  Perhaps it was the shirtless dancer who sort of looks like a cross between Iggy Pop and Perry Farrel.

Destination: In the spirit of spending found money at the site of its discovery, this fiver was…err… re-invested at the main bar for an undetermined tasty beverage.  But not until after it posed for a close up with the one and only DJ Paul Foley, 1/2 of the duo Wasted Talent and regular behind the decks at Think Tank on Friday nights.

DJ Paul Foley (left), Five Dollar Bill (right). Catch DJ Paul Foley on Fridays at Think Tank for "Just Got Paid - Friday Nite!". Bring your own fivers.