FOUND: The Shoegazer Recovers His Own Dropped Bill

Found:  The Shoegazer can, given a minute or two to think about it, recall several instances where he has dropped money on the ground.  Every once in awhile, it happens – a reach into the pocket for that $20 bill only to find it absent.  While at the Goodwill store the other day buying some records, he reached for the $10 bill he knew was there only to find a couple of ones.  The first thought was the $10 had been dropped in nearby Anna’s Taqueria after the purchase of a burrito – but what were the chances it was still there?  The Shoegazer knows how often money gets returned to its source after it’s been dropped – almost zilch.

It was then that The Shoegazer decided to play his own game and look downward – spotting the wayward ten that lay sitting between his feet at the counter of the goodwill.  While briefly lost, the $10 was recovered and The Shoegazer went on his merry way.

Location: This bill was dropped – and found – at the checkout counter of the Davis Square Goodwill store in Somerville, MA.

Source – The Shoegazer!

Destination:  After this bill’s recovery, The Shoegazer decided that such a strong-willed and free-spirited ten dollar bill should be parted with sooner rather than later.  So across the street he went, to Downtown Wine & Spirits, and spent the sawbuck on some Brooklyn Summer Ale.


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