FOUND: The Cubic Zirconia Mines

Found: Boston-area rock band The Diamond Mines has been playing shows around town for some years now, and this past Friday they took over the cozy Precinct in Union Square, Somerville, for a CD release show with Thick Shakes, Yale Massachusetts and Yoni Gordon.  Needing to drown his sorrows after a tough Bruins loss and let loose after a long work shift, The Shoegazer ventured to the small music venue not far from his house.  After the bands had finished playing, the lights came on and The Shoegazer glanced around to see if he could spot anything monetary in nature.  He almost didn’t investigate the crumpled piece of paper up against a wall, but when he did, it was quickly revealed to be a $20 bill.

Location: This twenty was found against the wall that borders the raised section of the back room at Precinct in Union Square, Somerville, MA.

Source: The Shoegazer knew quite a few people at this show, though nobody, including the spectators pictured below, claimed to have lost a $20 bill.  If you think it might have been yours, feel free to email – though the money has already been spent, The Shoegazer might buy you a beer next time he sees you.

Destination: This bill purchased lunch the next day and probably the first and second beers at the Rosebud the following night, where he caught Muy Cansado and The Rationales, but missed Brendan Boogie.

Ben and Lauren pose with The Shoegazer's latest prize



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