FOUND: The Scotsman’s Dilemma

Found:  There’s an old joke that tells of a Scotsman entering a men’s room, lifting up his kilt and facing the conundrum of spotting a dime lying in the urinal he’s about to use.  “I would’nae reach in there for a wee dime”, he concludes, before tossing in a quarter of his own and quickly retrieving both coins “agh, but for thirty-five cents I woold!”.

So imagine The Shoegazer’s dilemma when he recently spotted a crumpled up bill lying under a urinal.  Sure, it looked like a lowly single, but it’s possible that a twenty or larger was wrapped up with that one.  After concluding that the area around the bill was in fact dry, The Shoegazer made like the thrifty Scotsman (he is part Scottish, after all) and grabbed the bill.  Immediately following, the bill was washed with hand soap and water in the sink, dried off, and given away.  In a “What About Bob” moment, The Shoegazer returned to the restroom to once again wash his hands.

Location: This bill was found under a urinal in a DRY place in a men’s room at the Royale nightclub in Boston’s theater district.

Source:  Clearly, a male stripper did not pull all of the singles out of his crotch after his last shift, and when he went to use the facilities at Royale, a tip he was not counting on popped out, divebombed past the urinal and hit the floor below.  Its source either didn’t see this happen or was too much of a germaphobe to pick it up.

Destination:  As mentioned above, this dollar was quickly given away.  The Shoegazer thought it would make for an amusing post but didn’t really feel like putting this dollar into his pocket, even if it was picked up from a dry patch of floor in an otherwise clean restroom.  From now on, The Shoegazer is going to wash his hands more frequently after handling paper money.

is it just a single? would you pick it up?


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