FOUND: Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Dollar, Part Deux

Found:  It’s always been The Shoegazer’s opinion that the music of Ad Frank is highly underrated – that fans coast to coast of pop perfection like Jens Lekman, Stephen Merritt and Hall & Oates would love these songs if they got to hear them.  As luck would have it, Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women rarely toured, and as such did not achieve the widespread cult status that The Shoegazer deemed them worthy of.  They remain rather popular in the Boston area though, and several hundred fans gathered at TT’s to bid farewell to this incarnation of the band.

If reading previous posts on here taught one anything, it’s that crowded places + alcohol = dropped money.  Before Ad took the stage, The Shoegazer spotted a one dollar bill lying on the floor by the lounge bar in the rear.  That dollar posed for its close-up with Bruce of the band Devil on Horseback.

Bruce Caporal of Devil on Horseback - check 'em out!

Following the set, The Shoegazer spotted, from some distance, what looked like some crumpled up paper.  Usually this turns out to be a napkin, receipt, promotional flyer or other non-monetary item.  But this time, the wad turned out to be a $5 bill and two singles – $7 here and $8 total for the night.

Location:  Finds were made on both sides of the catwalk-esque stage extender put in place for Ad & FEW’s set.  As stated above, one dollar was found by the rear lounge bar and the $7 was up against the divider wall between the performance area and main bar area.

Source: Someone who loves their Fast Easy Women!  It’s likely these bills got away from their last owner after a bar purchase.

Destination:  The single was used as a tip for the next round of drinks, while the $7 bought part of the final around and went toward the purchase of some late night eats.

The $7 Smile of Phil Wisdom, singer of the band Butterknife


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