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FOUND: The Shoegazer Recovers His Own Dropped Bill

June 26, 2011

Found:  The Shoegazer can, given a minute or two to think about it, recall several instances where he has dropped money on the ground.  Every once in awhile, it happens – a reach into the pocket for that $20 bill only to find it absent.  While at the Goodwill store the other day buying some records, he reached for the $10 bill he knew was there only to find a couple of ones.  The first thought was the $10 had been dropped in nearby Anna’s Taqueria after the purchase of a burrito – but what were the chances it was still there?  The Shoegazer knows how often money gets returned to its source after it’s been dropped – almost zilch.

It was then that The Shoegazer decided to play his own game and look downward – spotting the wayward ten that lay sitting between his feet at the counter of the goodwill.  While briefly lost, the $10 was recovered and The Shoegazer went on his merry way.

Location: This bill was dropped – and found – at the checkout counter of the Davis Square Goodwill store in Somerville, MA.

Source – The Shoegazer!

Destination:  After this bill’s recovery, The Shoegazer decided that such a strong-willed and free-spirited ten dollar bill should be parted with sooner rather than later.  So across the street he went, to Downtown Wine & Spirits, and spent the sawbuck on some Brooklyn Summer Ale.


FOUND: A Photogenic Dollar

June 25, 2011

Found:  The photobooth at Think Tank in Kendall Square is a popular attraction at the bar, frequently luring tipsy patrons inside to make faces at the camera amid the privacy of the curtain.  Last winter, The Shoegazer found a $20 bill next to the booth, and just a few weeks ago another $20 was found not far from it.  So as The Shoegazer was passing the photobooth to head toward the bathroom the other night, he noticed something sitting inside the booth.  No, it wasn’t a drunken patron waiting for their picture to be taken, but a $1 bill lying flat on the seat.

Location: This bill was found in the photobooth at Think Tank in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

Source:  A photogenic Think Tank reveler!

Destination:  This dollar bill was spent on The Shoegazer’s guilty pleasure late night snack of choice, beef jerky.

left behind, The Shoegazer gave this photogenic bill its moment in the booth

FOUND: The Cubic Zirconia Mines

June 12, 2011

Found: Boston-area rock band The Diamond Mines has been playing shows around town for some years now, and this past Friday they took over the cozy Precinct in Union Square, Somerville, for a CD release show with Thick Shakes, Yale Massachusetts and Yoni Gordon.  Needing to drown his sorrows after a tough Bruins loss and let loose after a long work shift, The Shoegazer ventured to the small music venue not far from his house.  After the bands had finished playing, the lights came on and The Shoegazer glanced around to see if he could spot anything monetary in nature.  He almost didn’t investigate the crumpled piece of paper up against a wall, but when he did, it was quickly revealed to be a $20 bill.

Location: This twenty was found against the wall that borders the raised section of the back room at Precinct in Union Square, Somerville, MA.

Source: The Shoegazer knew quite a few people at this show, though nobody, including the spectators pictured below, claimed to have lost a $20 bill.  If you think it might have been yours, feel free to email – though the money has already been spent, The Shoegazer might buy you a beer next time he sees you.

Destination: This bill purchased lunch the next day and probably the first and second beers at the Rosebud the following night, where he caught Muy Cansado and The Rationales, but missed Brendan Boogie.

Ben and Lauren pose with The Shoegazer's latest prize


FOUND: The Scotsman’s Dilemma

June 11, 2011

Found:  There’s an old joke that tells of a Scotsman entering a men’s room, lifting up his kilt and facing the conundrum of spotting a dime lying in the urinal he’s about to use.  “I would’nae reach in there for a wee dime”, he concludes, before tossing in a quarter of his own and quickly retrieving both coins “agh, but for thirty-five cents I woold!”.

So imagine The Shoegazer’s dilemma when he recently spotted a crumpled up bill lying under a urinal.  Sure, it looked like a lowly single, but it’s possible that a twenty or larger was wrapped up with that one.  After concluding that the area around the bill was in fact dry, The Shoegazer made like the thrifty Scotsman (he is part Scottish, after all) and grabbed the bill.  Immediately following, the bill was washed with hand soap and water in the sink, dried off, and given away.  In a “What About Bob” moment, The Shoegazer returned to the restroom to once again wash his hands.

Location: This bill was found under a urinal in a DRY place in a men’s room at the Royale nightclub in Boston’s theater district.

Source:  Clearly, a male stripper did not pull all of the singles out of his crotch after his last shift, and when he went to use the facilities at Royale, a tip he was not counting on popped out, divebombed past the urinal and hit the floor below.  Its source either didn’t see this happen or was too much of a germaphobe to pick it up.

Destination:  As mentioned above, this dollar was quickly given away.  The Shoegazer thought it would make for an amusing post but didn’t really feel like putting this dollar into his pocket, even if it was picked up from a dry patch of floor in an otherwise clean restroom.  From now on, The Shoegazer is going to wash his hands more frequently after handling paper money.

is it just a single? would you pick it up?

FOUND: Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Dollar, Part Deux

June 4, 2011

Found:  It’s always been The Shoegazer’s opinion that the music of Ad Frank is highly underrated – that fans coast to coast of pop perfection like Jens Lekman, Stephen Merritt and Hall & Oates would love these songs if they got to hear them.  As luck would have it, Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women rarely toured, and as such did not achieve the widespread cult status that The Shoegazer deemed them worthy of.  They remain rather popular in the Boston area though, and several hundred fans gathered at TT’s to bid farewell to this incarnation of the band.

If reading previous posts on here taught one anything, it’s that crowded places + alcohol = dropped money.  Before Ad took the stage, The Shoegazer spotted a one dollar bill lying on the floor by the lounge bar in the rear.  That dollar posed for its close-up with Bruce of the band Devil on Horseback.

Bruce Caporal of Devil on Horseback - check 'em out!

Following the set, The Shoegazer spotted, from some distance, what looked like some crumpled up paper.  Usually this turns out to be a napkin, receipt, promotional flyer or other non-monetary item.  But this time, the wad turned out to be a $5 bill and two singles – $7 here and $8 total for the night.

Location:  Finds were made on both sides of the catwalk-esque stage extender put in place for Ad & FEW’s set.  As stated above, one dollar was found by the rear lounge bar and the $7 was up against the divider wall between the performance area and main bar area.

Source: Someone who loves their Fast Easy Women!  It’s likely these bills got away from their last owner after a bar purchase.

Destination:  The single was used as a tip for the next round of drinks, while the $7 bought part of the final around and went toward the purchase of some late night eats.

The $7 Smile of Phil Wisdom, singer of the band Butterknife