FOUND: What Moms Want

Found: The Shoegazer loves a visit to Maine every once in awhile.  The state nicknamed “Vacationland” has been a regular travel destination for The Shoegazer since childhood, and the site of the very first shoegaze lay within its borders, when a soggy one dollar bill washed up amongst the seaweed on Popham Beach in Phippsburg, ME.  One of The Shoegazer’s favorite culinary destinations is a tiny but remarkable Japanese restaurant called Miyake, where he dove into an unforgettable 7-course omakase tasting.  Topping off the meal was this heavenly creation, known as the “super toro maki”.

toro and avocado inside, more toro, plum blossoms and truffle oil outside

But what does this have to do with finding money on the ground, you may ask?  Well, nothing really, but after visiting Miyake, The Shoegazer headed to the nearby Novare Res bier cafe, a Belgian-inspired beer bar with a top-notch selection of brewed beverages from around the world.  Upon leaving Novare Res a tad merrier than he had arrived, The Shoegazer’s companion, known to this blog as The Kitty Wrangler (after requesting the nickname Potato Buns not be used), happened to look down and grab a $20 bill on the ground outside Novare Res.

Location: This bill was retrieved, as mentioned above, from the ground outside the door of Novare Res, a beer bar located down an alley in the Old Port section of Portland, Maine.

Source: A clumsy Mainer, ayuh!

Destination: This twenty remained with Potato Bu… I mean Kitty Wrangler until the next day, when it was spent at Duckfat on some pretty amazing charcuterie, poutine and other French-inspired protein-heavy treats.

i wanna be a mom!


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