FOUND: Look Up, Look Down

Found: Harvard Square’s May Fair offered many reasons for The Shoegazer to find himself outdoors on a Sunday afternoon.  The weather was gorgeous, the people watching was ample and various booths set up around Harvard Square were giving out free samples and selling things like oysters (thank you, Russell House).  A large stage was set up by Out Of Town News where some great local talent took the stage, with performances by Leo Blais, The Grownup Noise and Viva Viva, among others.  Shortly before Spirit Kid took the stage, a couple of hawkers got up there and made a pitch for visiting their booth down the way… and then uncorked a barrage of projectiles from the stage.  Suspecting and unsuspecting people alike were bombarded with a volley of frisbees – some floated gently into the crowd, while others bounced violently off craniums.  Don’t believe The Shoegazer?  Here’s the remnants of one alien saucer.

half of a frisbee - one of many that pelted the pre-Spirit Kid May Fair crowd

Amid all this sonic bliss and aerial carnage, The Shoegazer took a gander downward and spotted a crumpled $5 bill, which was un-crumpled for its close up with Great Scott bartender and frequent shoegaze witness Tim.

Location: The five dollar bill was found just outside the Curious George bookstore as a crowd passed by around it.

Source: With all these food stands around selling oysters, fried dough, and… well, I guess the rest of it was Indian food, a lot cash transactions were made.  And where there are cash transactions, there are people who don’t properly put their change away and also fail to notice their money’s departure.

Destination:  Another shoegaze that was spent within sight of its discovery – back to the oyster booth The Shoegazer went!

Tim from Great Scott; frequent shoegaze witness posing with the loot


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