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FOUND: It’s All About The Washingtons (guest shoegaze)

May 16, 2011

The Michael J Epstein Memorial Library was recently on tour with Golden Bloom and Neutral Uke Hotel, when, at an undisclosed location, one of the Library’s members made a lucky find in a patch of grass.  Someone had their smartphone camera rolling, and as such, you get treated to the first video of a shoegaze taking place to be featured on this blog.


FOUND: What Moms Want

May 12, 2011

Found: The Shoegazer loves a visit to Maine every once in awhile.  The state nicknamed “Vacationland” has been a regular travel destination for The Shoegazer since childhood, and the site of the very first shoegaze lay within its borders, when a soggy one dollar bill washed up amongst the seaweed on Popham Beach in Phippsburg, ME.  One of The Shoegazer’s favorite culinary destinations is a tiny but remarkable Japanese restaurant called Miyake, where he dove into an unforgettable 7-course omakase tasting.  Topping off the meal was this heavenly creation, known as the “super toro maki”.

toro and avocado inside, more toro, plum blossoms and truffle oil outside

But what does this have to do with finding money on the ground, you may ask?  Well, nothing really, but after visiting Miyake, The Shoegazer headed to the nearby Novare Res bier cafe, a Belgian-inspired beer bar with a top-notch selection of brewed beverages from around the world.  Upon leaving Novare Res a tad merrier than he had arrived, The Shoegazer’s companion, known to this blog as The Kitty Wrangler (after requesting the nickname Potato Buns not be used), happened to look down and grab a $20 bill on the ground outside Novare Res.

Location: This bill was retrieved, as mentioned above, from the ground outside the door of Novare Res, a beer bar located down an alley in the Old Port section of Portland, Maine.

Source: A clumsy Mainer, ayuh!

Destination: This twenty remained with Potato Bu… I mean Kitty Wrangler until the next day, when it was spent at Duckfat on some pretty amazing charcuterie, poutine and other French-inspired protein-heavy treats.

i wanna be a mom!

FOUND: Cinco De Twenty

May 8, 2011

Found:  As of late, The Shoegazer has been spending his Thursday evenings at Think Tank, playing indie rock, new wave and vintage pop with a rotating group of guest DJ’s.  Think Tank has previously yielded floor money before – a twenty was retrieved from the photo booth area a few months back.  Last Thursday of course was Cinco De Mayo, or Mexican St. Patrick’s Day and an excuse for white people to drink copious amounts of tequila.

While standing at the edge of the dance floor area and the bar area, The Shoegazer noticed a twenty dollar bill on the ground and retrieved it.  As several people were around, The Shoegazer asked each of them if they were the source of the $20.  All denied losing it, so it was declared that said bill would go toward the drink tab fund.

Location: This bill was found on the floor near a table attached to a support beam at the edge of the dance floor and service bar area, and not far from the photo booth.  All of this went down at Think Tank in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

Source: A Cinco De Mayo reveler for sure.  The Shoegazer hopes it was the annoying dude who kept coming up to the dance floor asking for house music while stuff like New Order was coming out of the speakers.

Destination: As mentioned above, this twenty went toward the drink fund, where it undoubtedly paid for, well, drinks.  Before that, it was folded up in a triangle shape, creating a “football” that we all used to make out of notebook paper in study halls.  A few unsuccessful kicks were made before giving up.

FOUND: Look Up, Look Down

May 2, 2011

Found: Harvard Square’s May Fair offered many reasons for The Shoegazer to find himself outdoors on a Sunday afternoon.  The weather was gorgeous, the people watching was ample and various booths set up around Harvard Square were giving out free samples and selling things like oysters (thank you, Russell House).  A large stage was set up by Out Of Town News where some great local talent took the stage, with performances by Leo Blais, The Grownup Noise and Viva Viva, among others.  Shortly before Spirit Kid took the stage, a couple of hawkers got up there and made a pitch for visiting their booth down the way… and then uncorked a barrage of projectiles from the stage.  Suspecting and unsuspecting people alike were bombarded with a volley of frisbees – some floated gently into the crowd, while others bounced violently off craniums.  Don’t believe The Shoegazer?  Here’s the remnants of one alien saucer.

half of a frisbee - one of many that pelted the pre-Spirit Kid May Fair crowd

Amid all this sonic bliss and aerial carnage, The Shoegazer took a gander downward and spotted a crumpled $5 bill, which was un-crumpled for its close up with Great Scott bartender and frequent shoegaze witness Tim.

Location: The five dollar bill was found just outside the Curious George bookstore as a crowd passed by around it.

Source: With all these food stands around selling oysters, fried dough, and… well, I guess the rest of it was Indian food, a lot cash transactions were made.  And where there are cash transactions, there are people who don’t properly put their change away and also fail to notice their money’s departure.

Destination:  Another shoegaze that was spent within sight of its discovery – back to the oyster booth The Shoegazer went!

Tim from Great Scott; frequent shoegaze witness posing with the loot