Shoegazing – Illegal in California?

The Shoegazer was recently forwarded this article from the online publication – basically it’s to the SF Chronicle as is to the Globe.  It brings up the very subject of this blog – the act of finding money on the ground.  According to California law, citizens who find unattended money on sidewalks, floors, etc are obligated to turn the money into police in case its rightful owner comes along.  The article goes on to say that this applies even to a quarter – technically.

The Shoegazer’s take on this?  It’s unfortunate to lose money, whether you’re the soggy pedestrian who dropped the dollar bill in Revere last weekend, or the person who lost $550 in Harvard Square last year.  But the old adage goes “possession is 9/10 of the law” – and without any identifier to go along with the money (wallet, ID, business card, bank receipt, etc), it’s The Shoegazer’s opinion, though apparently not California legislators’, that “finder’s keepers” applies here.

Read the full story here:


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