FOUND: Road Buck

Found: Sometimes shoegazes happen in rather unlikely places.  In this case, that would be the side of the road.  The Shoegazer was making his way to work and was temporarily slowed down by some traffic congestion.  While waiting for the mess to clear, he observed a person walking along the side of the road and… whoops!… an undetermined dollar bill fluttered free and hit the ground.  Due to the layout of the parking lot of a nearby 99 Restaurant, it was possible for The Shoegazer to loop around and retrieve the bill.  After all, it was impossible to tell whether the bill was a Benjamin, a twenty or a lowly single.  Upon driving around the aforementioned 99, The Shoegazer pulled up to where the now-rain soaked bill was laying and retrieved.  It was revealed to be a measly one dollar bill.

Location: This bill was retrieved from the edge of the parking lot of a 99 Restaurant in the Wonderland area of Revere, MA.

Source:  The source of this bill was a person walking along the side of the road carrying an umbrella and wearing sweatpants, which apparently aren’t very good at keeping money contained in pockets.  It is The Shoegazer’s opinion that one should never venture further than one’s own mailbox while wearing sweatpants.  By the time the bill was retrieved, the source had wandered away.

Destination: Due to its closure a year or two previous, The Shoegazer was unable to wager this $1 on a greyhound of his choice at the Wonderland dog park.  So the dollar traveled with The Shoegazer to Lynn, MA, where it was spent at a Dunkin Donuts.

Wonderland Greyhound Park, located across the street from the shoegaze in question


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