FOUND: Rumble Prize for Last Place

Found: Over the course of the last two weeks, The Shoegazer has been attending the Rock & Roll Rumble, a battle of the Boston bands that dates back to the 1970’s.  The shows have been at TT the Bear’s, which historically is not fertile shoegazing grounds, although recently The Shoegazer found $43 on TT’s grimy floor over the course of an evening.

It was toward the end of the night and the bands had finished playing.  But there was still yellow, foamy beer in The Shoegazer’s cup, so he stuck around a little while longer.  And without even really trying, he looked downward and spotted a dollar bill.  It was that easy.

Location: This dollar surfaced as The Shoegazer was standing in an entryway that led from the bar area toward the main floor and sound booth area of TT the Bear’s on Brookline Street in Cambridge, MA.

Source: Surely one of them tight pants-wearin’ rock & rollers who filled up TT’s on this night.

Destination: This dollar was spent on a toll the next morning that allowed The Shoegazer access to the Mass Pike and thus a faster ride to work than surface roads would have provided.

The Shoegazer with his most recent find.


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