FOUND: Dollar Returned to Source

Found:  As previous posts on this blog can attest, most who drop money on the ground don’t notice when it happens and quickly leave the scene before anyone can catch their mistake.  When that happens, The Shoegazer is happy to come along and retrieve said dropped money.

But every once in awhile, he catches someone in the act – in this case, a woman entering the Somerville Stop & Shop store a few steps ahead of him.  She must have shifted the weight of the bag she was carrying, and out fluttered a single dollar bill.   The source did not notice the error, and The Shoegazer gave chase with the bill in hand, finally returning it to the surprised woman when she stopped to get in a Citizens Bank line.

Location:  This whole incident played out over about 15 seconds at the Stop & Shop grocery store in Somerville, MA, beginning at the main doors and ending by the Citizens Bank kiosk.

Source:  In this instance, the clumsy money-dropper was a woman who appeared to be in her 30s, who possibly didn’t speak English.

Destination:  The immediate destination was known – a pocket.  Perhaps it went toward starting the world’s smallest savings account at Citizens Bank?  Or maybe it went toward the rental of one of the terrible movies in that store’s Red Box selection.  The Shoegazer only hopes the good karma repays sooner rather than later.


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