FOUND: A Slow Night At The Pill

Found:  Although finding $2 at Great Scott could be considered a slow night, it required an especially keen eye in the darkened, crowded room that had assembled to see the brief reunion show for the band Protokoll.  A favorite at the Pill in the mid-00’s, the band called it quits a few years ago when one of their members moved west and the rest moved on to other projects.  The Shoegazer saw many familiar faces, some of them for the first time in awhile, but as always, he kept one eye peering toward the floor.

A bit after midnight, the first dollar came into view – under a bar stool, like many others.  The second dollar required a well-trained eye to spot, as it lay amid a crowd of dancers, only briefly illuminated by the flashing lights and strobes.  A quick shimmy and reach downward, and like that, The Shoegazer is yet another dollar richer.

Location:  Both one dollar bills were retrieved at Great Scott in Allston, MA.  The first was under a bar stool by the main bar, while the second was lying neglected among the throng of dancers.

Source: Past posts in this blog attest to the ease of dropping a bill while at the bar ordering drinks.  Either it broke free when payment was handed over for a drink, or this dollar was change that never made it back to the pocket, purse or wallet it was intended for.

Destination: These bills helped pay for The Shoegazer’s final drink of the night, a bottle of Miller High Life – the champagne of beers!


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