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Shoegazing – Illegal in California?

April 26, 2011

The Shoegazer was recently forwarded this article from the online publication – basically it’s to the SF Chronicle as is to the Globe.  It brings up the very subject of this blog – the act of finding money on the ground.  According to California law, citizens who find unattended money on sidewalks, floors, etc are obligated to turn the money into police in case its rightful owner comes along.  The article goes on to say that this applies even to a quarter – technically.

The Shoegazer’s take on this?  It’s unfortunate to lose money, whether you’re the soggy pedestrian who dropped the dollar bill in Revere last weekend, or the person who lost $550 in Harvard Square last year.  But the old adage goes “possession is 9/10 of the law” – and without any identifier to go along with the money (wallet, ID, business card, bank receipt, etc), it’s The Shoegazer’s opinion, though apparently not California legislators’, that “finder’s keepers” applies here.

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FOUND: Road Buck

April 23, 2011

Found: Sometimes shoegazes happen in rather unlikely places.  In this case, that would be the side of the road.  The Shoegazer was making his way to work and was temporarily slowed down by some traffic congestion.  While waiting for the mess to clear, he observed a person walking along the side of the road and… whoops!… an undetermined dollar bill fluttered free and hit the ground.  Due to the layout of the parking lot of a nearby 99 Restaurant, it was possible for The Shoegazer to loop around and retrieve the bill.  After all, it was impossible to tell whether the bill was a Benjamin, a twenty or a lowly single.  Upon driving around the aforementioned 99, The Shoegazer pulled up to where the now-rain soaked bill was laying and retrieved.  It was revealed to be a measly one dollar bill.

Location: This bill was retrieved from the edge of the parking lot of a 99 Restaurant in the Wonderland area of Revere, MA.

Source:  The source of this bill was a person walking along the side of the road carrying an umbrella and wearing sweatpants, which apparently aren’t very good at keeping money contained in pockets.  It is The Shoegazer’s opinion that one should never venture further than one’s own mailbox while wearing sweatpants.  By the time the bill was retrieved, the source had wandered away.

Destination: Due to its closure a year or two previous, The Shoegazer was unable to wager this $1 on a greyhound of his choice at the Wonderland dog park.  So the dollar traveled with The Shoegazer to Lynn, MA, where it was spent at a Dunkin Donuts.

Wonderland Greyhound Park, located across the street from the shoegaze in question

FOUND: Rumble Prize for Last Place

April 18, 2011

Found: Over the course of the last two weeks, The Shoegazer has been attending the Rock & Roll Rumble, a battle of the Boston bands that dates back to the 1970’s.  The shows have been at TT the Bear’s, which historically is not fertile shoegazing grounds, although recently The Shoegazer found $43 on TT’s grimy floor over the course of an evening.

It was toward the end of the night and the bands had finished playing.  But there was still yellow, foamy beer in The Shoegazer’s cup, so he stuck around a little while longer.  And without even really trying, he looked downward and spotted a dollar bill.  It was that easy.

Location: This dollar surfaced as The Shoegazer was standing in an entryway that led from the bar area toward the main floor and sound booth area of TT the Bear’s on Brookline Street in Cambridge, MA.

Source: Surely one of them tight pants-wearin’ rock & rollers who filled up TT’s on this night.

Destination: This dollar was spent on a toll the next morning that allowed The Shoegazer access to the Mass Pike and thus a faster ride to work than surface roads would have provided.

The Shoegazer with his most recent find.

FOUND: Dollar Returned to Source

April 12, 2011

Found:  As previous posts on this blog can attest, most who drop money on the ground don’t notice when it happens and quickly leave the scene before anyone can catch their mistake.  When that happens, The Shoegazer is happy to come along and retrieve said dropped money.

But every once in awhile, he catches someone in the act – in this case, a woman entering the Somerville Stop & Shop store a few steps ahead of him.  She must have shifted the weight of the bag she was carrying, and out fluttered a single dollar bill.   The source did not notice the error, and The Shoegazer gave chase with the bill in hand, finally returning it to the surprised woman when she stopped to get in a Citizens Bank line.

Location:  This whole incident played out over about 15 seconds at the Stop & Shop grocery store in Somerville, MA, beginning at the main doors and ending by the Citizens Bank kiosk.

Source:  In this instance, the clumsy money-dropper was a woman who appeared to be in her 30s, who possibly didn’t speak English.

Destination:  The immediate destination was known – a pocket.  Perhaps it went toward starting the world’s smallest savings account at Citizens Bank?  Or maybe it went toward the rental of one of the terrible movies in that store’s Red Box selection.  The Shoegazer only hopes the good karma repays sooner rather than later.

FOUND: Many False Alarms

April 4, 2011

Found: The Shoegazer has been stymied before, thinking he has found money or valuables on the ground, only to have it not be so.  Some incidents, such as the discovery of a quarter glued to the pavement, have been attributed to the anonymous and nefarious figure dubbed The Mad Gluer.  On several occasions, fake money has turned up on the ground – some fake bills are easier to differentiate than others.

But recently, it’s not The Mad Gluer who has been hoodwinking The Shoegazer – it’s the Massachusetts Lottery, which has recently unveiled a new $1 scratch ticket called “The Money Game”.  The game is played by scratching the play area in the hopes of revealing a “money bag” symbol and winning the prize amount associated with said sack.  The ticket itself, pictured below, bears more than a passing resemblance to US currency.  Although quite a bit smaller, the color and design of the ticket are enough to fool an eye scanning downward for cash.

Against his better judgement, The Shoegazer purchased one of these tickets.  With overall odds of winning at 1 in 4.86 tickets, The Shoegazer fully intended to lose and use the ticket for this blog.  While it would’ve made for a nice story if the ticket yielded a win, The Shoegazer was successful in acquiring his losing ticket on the first try.  And with 25,000,000 of these suckers being printed, it seems that currency-esque scratch tickets on the ground will continue to be a problem for some time to come.

A losing ticket from The Money Game - the game apparently being "Fool The Shoegazer"

FOUND: A Slow Night At The Pill

April 2, 2011

Found:  Although finding $2 at Great Scott could be considered a slow night, it required an especially keen eye in the darkened, crowded room that had assembled to see the brief reunion show for the band Protokoll.  A favorite at the Pill in the mid-00’s, the band called it quits a few years ago when one of their members moved west and the rest moved on to other projects.  The Shoegazer saw many familiar faces, some of them for the first time in awhile, but as always, he kept one eye peering toward the floor.

A bit after midnight, the first dollar came into view – under a bar stool, like many others.  The second dollar required a well-trained eye to spot, as it lay amid a crowd of dancers, only briefly illuminated by the flashing lights and strobes.  A quick shimmy and reach downward, and like that, The Shoegazer is yet another dollar richer.

Location:  Both one dollar bills were retrieved at Great Scott in Allston, MA.  The first was under a bar stool by the main bar, while the second was lying neglected among the throng of dancers.

Source: Past posts in this blog attest to the ease of dropping a bill while at the bar ordering drinks.  Either it broke free when payment was handed over for a drink, or this dollar was change that never made it back to the pocket, purse or wallet it was intended for.

Destination: These bills helped pay for The Shoegazer’s final drink of the night, a bottle of Miller High Life – the champagne of beers!