FOUND: I’m Not Rich!

Found: While The Shoegazer still hasn’t gotten all the details of the “I’m Rich” incident, the world continues to turn, and dollar bills continue to be dropped by unsuspecting people. And while the bar staff that cleans up Great Scott at the end of the night would be happy to find some money on the ground, it was The Shoegazer who spotted and retrieved the crumpled $1 bill mere seconds after entering the venue last Friday, March 18.

Location: This dollar bill was under a bar stool toward the rear of the venue (from the stage’s perspective). If you walked from the entrance to the bar, this dollar would lie along your most direct route. The venue, of course, is the always-fertile Great Scott in Allston, MA.

Source: As is the case with most Great Scott money drops, this bill was already on the floor when spotted by The Shoegazer, and as such could have come from just about anyone. A bill of this small denomination is unlikely to be missed.

Destination: This is another find that was spent within sight of where it was found – it was quickly turned over to the bar where it went toward the purchase of a mug of Pretty Things Jack D’or, The Shoegazer’s recent beer of choice at Great Scott.


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