FOUND: “I’m Rich!” (guest shoegaze)

Here’s a link to the Boston Phoenix story about this bizarre incident:

Found: About $100 in singles, thrown about in a Boston area Starbucks store on the afternoon of Thursday, March 17. Since it happens to be St. Patrick’s day, it’s possible the source of this money, who made himself very known, was having a little luck o’ the Irish. Either way, an unknown man, possibly named Richard, entered the Starbucks yelling “I’m Rich!” and throwing singles around. He then exited to spread his good cheer elsewhere.

Location: These bills were strewn about the Starbucks franchise as it was full of customers. Most of the bills wound up on the floor, though a few got stuck in the ceiling tiles and remain there.

Source: Unlike most money found by The Shoegazer, the source of this $100 or so was present and very visible at the time of his dropping this money. Witnesses believed he may have been Somalian or east African, and possibly with the first name of Richard, as he reportedly shouted “I’m Rich!” before and during his random money toss.  Or perhaps he is the one and only Nigerian prince, here to pay back the generous Americans who have helped him with past banking issues.

Destination: Although Starbucks employees work hard and probably don’t make a ton of money, they rounded up most of these bills and plan to donate them to the Japan relief effort.


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