FOUND: Fat Wallet Tuesday

Found:  Frequent shoegaze setting Great Scott and Cambridge venue TT the Bear’s have quite a bit in common.  They’re similar in size and capacity and both feature mostly live music, with Great Scott holding a weekly dance night on Fridays (The Pill) and TT’s having one on Saturdays (Heroes).  Despite similar demographics of their crowds, Great Scott has been historically fertile for finding wayward cash on the ground, while TT’s has only coughed up a handful of singles in the 15 years since my first visit in 1996.  Great Scott’s cash-only policy certainly results in more transactions (and thus more opportunities for dropping money), but TT’s has a $15 minimum on tabs and many elect to pay for drinks with cash there as well.

So when The Shoegazer ventured to TT’s for a solid Tuesday bill featuring Telekinesis, The Love Language and Slowdim, he wasn’t expecting to find much more than a good time.   But while standing over by the merch table and having a discussion about job hunting and cash flow problems, The Shoegazer spotted the oh-so-familiar sight of currency on the ground.  Although many were around, The Shoegazer didn’t see where it came from and nobody else in the crowd spotted it.  A quick nonchalant side-step and bending over revealed the find – a pair of folded $20 bills, totaling $40.  A great find on any day, and especially at a time when The Shoegazer could have used a little extra cash.

But no, that’s not the end of the story.  While standing near the sound board during Telekinesis’ set, The Shoegazer spotted even more cash on the floor – a single dollar bill lying flat on the ground.  A few minutes later, two more ones were noticed, bringing the night’s cash total to $43!

Location:  All of these finds occurred at TT the Bear’s in Cambridge, MA.  The pair of twenties were on the floor between the main bar and the merch table, while the singles were retrieved from in front of the sound board.

Source(s):  This show was very crowded and the sources of these bills did not notice their error or get caught in the act by The Shoegazer.  Dropped twenties near the bar are common occurrences, and the crispness of these twenties suggested they had been recently taken out of an ATM.  That they were folded suggested they had been kept in a pocket, purse or wallet.

The Shoegazer theorizes that the three singles on the dance floor came from the same source, as each bill was lying flat and un-folded.  They were a tad dirty, suggesting that they had been stepped on multiple times without being noticed.  It was rather unusual that all three bills were lying flat, as a likely escape would have come from a pocket or purse in this case.

Destination:  Like last year’s large wad of cash, this find came at a much-needed time.  Said money will pay for various expenses that arise during the week, including some increasingly expensive gas, food and laundry.  Some of the money was spent at TT’s, as The Shoegazer treated himself to a victory glass (well, plastic cup) of Knob Creek.


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