FOUND: The New Fives Are Pretty Things

Found:  That Bermuda Triangle of lost money has yielded another bill for The Shoegazer’s retrieval.  Seeing as Herr Shoegazer has been rather broke as of late, this was a very welcomed $5 bill that was pulled from the floor near the main bar.  Another wad of $550 or so would have been nice, but The Shoegazer will take what The Shoegazer gets.

Location:  This fiver was spotted on the floor near some bar stools of the main bar at Great Scott, fairly close to where the row of beer taps are located.  Great Scott, for those reading this blog for the first time, is at 1222 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston, MA.

Source: A hipster who probably woke up the next morning with a lot less money than he/she started the night with.  Unless said hipster is within The Shoegazer’s income bracket (that being the $0 – $xxx bracket), it likely wasn’t missed.

Destination:  While discussing a recent guest shoegaze by Commander Devo, he suggested spending the found money within sight of where it was found.  This was the case with this fiver – it went toward the purchase of a mug of Pretty Things Jack D’or, which quenched The Shoegazer’s thirst and got him back on the dancefloor.

The purple highlights on the new fives match with The Shoegazer's wardrobe!


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