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FOUND: Enough Money For An Oyster Binge

February 19, 2011

Found: The Shoegazer had a rather eventful Friday, spending a good portion of it walking around and enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures.  He hit up $1 oyster hour at a Legal Sea Foods, which normally is enough to turn an ordinary good day into an Ice Cube good day.  Day turned to night and The Shoegazer DJ’d a rather fun party at the Church nightclub, before heading off to The Pill at Great Scott for last call.  After enjoying his glass of Eagle Rare, he was standing near the exit talking to Chris and Aurore of Mean Creek when he spied something out of the corner of his eye – US currency.  On the floor.  Upon further inspection it was not a $1 bill, but in fact a $20 – The Shoegazer’s first real find of 2011.

Location:  This bill was found under a bar stool near the beer taps at Great Scott in Allston, MA.

Source:  Hopefully not one of the many friends of The Shoegazer in attendance on this evening.  With Great Scott’s cash-only, no tabs policy, there are far more cash transactions here than at most bars.

Destination:  With The Shoegazer’s kitten meowing away about only having dry food to eat, it’s safe to say at least some of this money will go toward some gross, gloppy brown sludge that cats seem to scarf down with such gusto.  This stuff is also the reason The Shoegazer just can’t bring himself to eat canned tuna.  He is, however, tempted to return to one of the $1 oyster hours and stuff himself silly.


FOUND: Commander Devo Gets Lucky at #69 School Street (Guest Shoegaze)

February 14, 2011

Found:  This post is a guest shoegaze, and since everyone mentioned on this blog gets a nickname coined by me on the spot (see: DJ Kitten War, DJ Fabulous, The Singing Pirate, etc), the lucky shoegazer in this post we will refer to as Commander Devo.  You see, he works at Sherman Market in Union Square and after more than one snowstorm I’ve seen him out front, shoveling and wearing a yellow hat that says “Devo” on it.  No, it’s not an item from a 1980-era merch table – his story is that said had was purchased off a child who got it from his school, which had the word “Devotional” in it.

Anyway, it was an unseasonably warm morning when Commander Devo decided to walk to walk, taking a route down School Street in Somerville.  When he reached #69, he looked down and spied a dollar.  Then another dollar.  And finally a third.  A three dollar haul, enthusiastically pocketed by Commander Devo.

Location:  As mentioned above, these dollars were found on a sidewalk in front of 69 School Street, Somerville, MA.  This is near the intersection with Summer Street, by a no-name gas station whose 87 octane fuel still hovers around $3 a gallon.

Source:  Sidewalk finds in non-business districts are rare.  This money could have fallen out of a pocket or purse of someone reaching for a set of house or car keys, or perhaps, like Beavis and Butt-head, they saw #69, chuckled a bit and clumsily reached for their phone to snap a twit pic, dropping 3 bones in the process.

Destination:  As Commander Devo was on foot, he had no need for the most obvious way to spend his newfound loot – on a $3-ish gallon of gasoline.  He suggested that it would be cool to spend the money at someplace visible from the site of the find though.  But as he is a fan of hush puppies, he was quite happy to realize that his $3 were probably good for the purchase of 1.5, and maybe even 2, hush puppies.