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FOUND: Smoked Seafood Coughs Up A Twenty

December 8, 2010

Found:  For the second time this year, a Whole Foods Market has coughed up a $20 bill to The Shoegazer during a visit to the world of organic groceries.  The cold-addled Shoegazer held off a coughing fit long enough to enter the store without alarming fellow shoppers.  While in the produce section, an employee was going around asking everyone if they were the owner of a hat he had found on the ground.  Shortly thereafter, The Shoegazer glanced at the smoked seafood display and happened to notice something below it – a folded $20 bill!

Location:  This twenty was found under the smoked seafood display at the Whole Foods Market on River Street, Cambridge, MA.

Source:  With several shoegazes occuring in supermarkets over the past few months, The Shoegazer can only surmise that grocery shoppers, for whatever reason, are not very careful with their cash.  Past finds include bills at the main entrance of a store, in the deli section, and near the exit – there’s no rhyme or reason to the scattering of all this money.

Destination:  With this twenty The Shoegazer purchased a chicken cutlet, some wax beans and an orange, and will undoubtedly spend the remainder on NyQuil, DayQuil and other Quils capable of keeping this cough at bay.