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The Shoegazer FAQ

November 11, 2010

When The Shoegazer tells people about this blog, many don’t believe that one person so regularly finds money on the ground as to blog about it.  The follow-up questions can vary greatly, but here’s a few of the ones that have been fielded frequently.

Q – Do you ever give the money back?

A – Yes, The Shoegazer always returns money if he can determine who dropped it.  In the rare occasion that money is found with an identifying document (ID, business card, etc), attempts are made to reunite source with cash.  But most of the time, money is usually found on the ground when nobody is around, or so many people are around that there’s no way to determine who the source is (ie crowded bars).

Q – What’s the most you’ve ever found?

A – The new record for The Shoegazer is $550.00, found recently in Harvard Square.  The Shoegazer doubts that find will be topped anytime soon.  The previous record was a $100 bill back in 2003.

Q – Where is the best place to find money?

A – Crowded bars are by far the most fertile shoegazing grounds.  Bars that have a cash-only policy are especially fertile, because that’s a lot more transactions that could result in a misplaced bill.  Sidewalks and stores are also a good place to look.

Q – Where did you first find money on the ground?

A – When I was very young I found a soggy one dollar bill washed up on the beach – my first ever shoegaze.  One summer I worked in an arcade and that led to many more finds, and after turning 21 and going to shows and bars, the finds grew even more frequent.

Q – Why do you call yourself The Shoegazer and the act of finding money shoegazing?

A – I coined both terms, derived from the fact that one must look down – or gaze down toward one’s shoes – in order to find things on the ground.  I also happen to be a fan of shoegaze music, so I adopted the term for my lucrative hobby.

Q – Have you ever dropped anything on the ground?

A – A concert ticket fell out of my pocket once and somebody was kind enough to return it.  I also happened to lose my boarding pass at an airport once – it was turned in before I realized it was lost and then heard my name on the intercom.  I’ve probably dropped money before, but like most sources I scooted without noticing the error.

Q – Have you found things besides money on the ground?

A – Of course.  In addition to garbage, I’ve found fake money, foreign money, ID’s, passports, iPods, glasses, sunglasses, keys and lots more.  At the beach I’ve even found seashells!

Q –  How can I contact The Shoegazer?

A – It’s quite easy! !


Not All Shoegazers Are Created Equal

November 4, 2010

From the venerable website, the story of a shoegazer who handed over his find for a rather unusual reason…