FOUND: DJ Fabulous & The Fast Easy Dollar

Found:  The Shoegazer came to bury Harper’s Ferry, not to praise it.  The Allston music venue suffered from lousy booking (too many cover bands, jam bands and white-boy funk & reggae), aggressive bouncers and a general ambiance that made the club feel more like a venue in the suburbs or a second-class city.  But occasionally, great shows happened here, and in the past The Shoegazer has seen any number of local bands here, in addition to shows by Seattle favorites The Long Winters and Harvey Danger.  When the club’s imminent closure was announced recently, a handful of open dates were quickly booked, including a show featuring Freezepop, Plushgun, Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women and newcomers Dirty Bombs.

While at the show, The Shoegazer chatted with various local music types, including the one and only DJ Fabulous, who has been witness to many past shoegazes and even made one or two herself.  While The Shoegazer and DJ Fabulous were talking, a guy walked up from behind the pair and alerted DJ Fab to a dollar bill lying on the floor – thanks to this good samaritan, she avoided losing a buck.

Location:  This bill was briefly lying on the floor of Harper’s Ferry, close to the middle of the main room.  Harper’s Ferry is/was located on Brighton Ave in Allston, MA.

Source: While many of the finds catalogued in this blog were made after the source had left the premises unaware of their loss, thanks to one good samaritan, DJ Fabulous is both the source and spender of this dollar.

Destination: If The Shoegazer knows DJ Fabulous, and he does, it’s safe to say this dollar was spent on booze.

Ad Frank, Boston indie rock crooner extrordinaire. Photo: Meaghan Casey


One Response to “FOUND: DJ Fabulous & The Fast Easy Dollar”

  1. DJ Kitten Wars Says:

    I love The Long Winters. And not losing money in a club.

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