FOUND: Record Shopping Money at Think Tank

Found:  When it rains, it pours.  Nobody knows this quite like the owners of Think Tank in Kendall Square, which opened last summer to great fanfare, only to be flooded by a freak midsummer rainstorm.  After some cleaning and repair, the restaurant and nightclub triumphantly re-opened.  As of late, it seems have also been raining money (or bubbling up from the ground, to be more accurate) for The Shoegazer, with some impressive finds racking up as of late.  For the past few Fridays, The Shoegazer found himself at Think Tank, spinning the all-vinyl DJ night “Rec Room” under his pseudonym “DJ Mario Lemieux”.

This past Friday, The Shoegazer was walking past the club’s photo booth on his way to the bathroom, when a number stared up at him from below.  A crumpled bill was lying partially under the photo booth itself, with only the digits “2” and “0” facing upward.  That was enough for The Shoegazer, who pocketed the bill and continued on his way to the restroom.

Location: This bill was found under the photo booth at Think Tank in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.  The photo booth is to the left of the main entrance, next to the door that leads to the restrooms.

Source: Several groups of drunken, silly people had been climbing into the photo booth all night.  It appears as if this twenty had fluttered free when small bills were retrieved from a pocket or purse to pay for the photo booth.

Destination:  The Shoegazer’s last find was a record find.  And this is a find with which The Shoegazer will purchase records.  With “Rec Room” being an all-vinyl night, The Shoegazer spent this money on more vinyl!  Join him every Friday with DJ Paul Foley spinning rock, new wave, dance, indie, soul, electro, old school hip hop and more – all vinyl, all the time.


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