FOUND: The Daddy of The Shoegazer (guest shoegaze)

Found:  Apparently the keen eye for floor money that The Shoegazer possesses is genetic and not a learned trait.  The parents of The Shoegazer were grocery shopping over the weekend when Ma Shoegaze noticed something underneath the shopping cart as they were heading toward the exit.  After quietly suggesting Pa Shoegaze move the cart (this suggestion was made several times before the cart budged), a $20 bill was retrieved from the floor and quickly stuffed into the purse of Ma Shoegaze.

Location:  This find was near the main exit doors of the Shaw’s Supermarket in Londonderry, NH.  It should be noted that the guest shoegazers in this post live in Derry, NH, which also boasts a Shaw’s Supermarket that is larger than the one in question.  So why go out of the way to visit a smaller store?  According to Ma Shoegazer, it’s because she knows the layout of this particular store.

Source:  Whoever dropped this bill had continued on their way without noticing their loss.  Based on its location, this bill was probably change given to a customer and not secured in a pocket, purse or wallet.

Destination:  According to Ma Shoegaze, some of the money went toward the purchase of a pot roast that became Sunday’s dinner (or supper, as they would call it).  One can only assume the remaining balance was spent at Dunkin Donuts and perhaps on a scratch ticket or two.


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