FOUND: The Daddy of All Shoegazes

Found:  Well, The Shoegazer has been kind of in the hole lately.  Expenses have a way of piling up and a few weeks ago, it was starting to look like a lottery win or other windfall might be the only way out of it.  As a believer in karma, there was the hope but not the expectation that a little extra dough might come The Shoegazer’s way.  And a couple of weeks ago, it did.  Parking The Shoegazermobile in Harvard Square, your humble narrator set out to put up some flyers for an upcoming DJ night.

And down in the gutter of the street, up against the sidewalk and under a parking meter, lay an unfamiliar sight.  It was paper money, but not the telltale markings of the $1 bills and occasional fives, tens and twenties The Shoegazer sometimes finds.  Nope, it was Benjamin Franklin himself!  Upon picking up the wayward bill, it felt heavier and thicker than a single bill.  The Shoegazer quickly pocketed the wad and closely examined his find – not a mere $100, but five Benjamins and a Ulysses S. Grant!  At $550, this find is by far the largest sum ever found.  The Shoegazer has heard stories of others finding envelopes containing hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but such a large amount of cash free of any accompanying identifiers (business cards, credit cards, receipts, etc) is surely a rare find.   The Shoegazer merely hopes that it’s not a once-in-a-lifetime find.

Location:  This wad of cash was found by the tire of The Shoegazermobile as he went to put quarters into a parking meter in Harvard Square.   The Shoegazer has long thought that parking lots and other areas with cars should be more fertile shoegazing grounds, as fumbling for car keys and parking meter money surely present opportunities for dropping bills.  However, this marks one of The Shoegazer’s first ever finds on pavement (vs sidewalks and indoor finds).

Source:  Finding this much money certainly begs to ask certain questions.  Namely, who dropped this money and what were they using it for?  Based on the demographics of the area the money was found in, it’s certainly possible that our source is someone with the means to absorb such a loss.  After all, most people don’t carry $550 around outside of a wallet, and those who do might be more inclined to guard their money with their life – and certainly notice when it’s dropped on the ground.   The Shoegazer hopes it isn’t someone more in his own income bracket, where losing $550 would present quite a problem.  But if you’re reading this and think this money could be yours, feel free to write to – I’ve specifically left out some details of this find.

Destination:  Shortly after finding this money, The Shoegazer went to a dentist appointment, where he was informed that recent expensive dental work was not in fact covered by dental insurance, as was previously believed to be the case.  So, in conclusion.. easy come, easy go.


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