FOUND: I’ve Got Five More Bucks To Spend, Yeah

Found: A wrinkly, slightly soggy five dollar bill, at that haven of floor money – Great Scott. While many of the bills found here turn up near the bar or seating area, apparently Abe Lincoln had has dancing shoes on this night, as this bill was found by the edge of the dance floor.

Location: The above pretty much spells it out – the fiver was on the dancefloor. The dancefloor was in Great Scott. Great Scott is in Allston. Allston is in Massachusetts. You get the idea, up to Milky Way galaxy, Universe.

Source: Somebody who likes to boogie!

Destination: The finding of this five basically meant that the Shoegazer’s cover charge of $5 was refunded.

the title of this post is a spoof on the chorus of this song, which was playing at the time


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