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FOUND: Stop & Shoegaze

July 15, 2010

Found:  The Shoegazer is a well-known seltzerholic.  Having given up drinking soda, he now prefers the zero-calorie fizz of lemon and mandarin orange flavored seltzer water.  His favorite place to stock up on this refreshing treat – Stop & Shop, which carries a wide array of Polar, Adirondack and their house brand, recently known as Zazz but now simply labeled as Stop & Shop Brand.   One hot afternoon, The Shoegazer’s spidey sense told him to keep his eyes peering downward, and upon entering the store, spied what appeared to be money on the floor.  Upon further inspection, it was two folded $20 bills, totaling $40, sitting unattended on the floor of the store’s entryway.   This marks The Shoegazer’s largest monetary find since his discovery of a $100 bill in a parking lot back in the winter of 2003, and also the largest single find in the history of this blog.

Location: This pair of $20 bills was found on the floor just through the main entrance of the Stop & Shop supermarket in Somerville, MA.

Source:  Clearly someone decided to Stop & Shop, though unfortunately for them they did not Stop & Recover their lost money.  The Shoegazer hopes they carry a debit card, as the source had vacated the premises.

Destination:  Some $7 or so of this find went toward the purchase of two 12-packs of seltzer water, currently chilling in The Shoegazer’s fridge.  He would like to take this moment to rail against the proliferation of so-called “fridge packs” for sodas and canned beverages, as they don’t actually fit in The Shoegazer’s fridge and are far more cumbersome and harder to carry than a traditional 12-pack.  Besides the seltzer, The Shoegazer also purchased a $2 lottery ticket (which he won $2 on) and some sushi later that day.

Zazz cans. Sadly no longer available at Stop & Shop. They make fine flower vases as well as projectiles.


FOUND: One Happy Dollar

July 11, 2010

Found:  I made this find shortly after several others, so I thought I’d space out the posting in case I didn’t find any more money for awhile, and alas, I have found none since this one.  So here goes.

Back on May 25, the Boston-area indie pop act One Happy Island held their album release party at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA.  They brought with them several UK acts, including the very talented Allo Darlin.  The room was pretty packed, especially over by the room’s lone bar.  At some point in the night, a single dollar slipped free of a patron’s pocket or purse, landing on the floor before being recovered by The Shoegazer.  A second dollar was observed a short time later, but in the case of the second dollar, The Shoegazer spotted the source and directed his attention toward the floor, where he recovered his dollar and went on his way.
Location: Both finds occurred near the bar at the Lizard Lounge on Mass Ave in Cambridge, MA.

Source: The source of dollar one was an anonymous bar patron who, in the process of enjoying a fine evening of twee on a Tuesday night, lost a single dollar.  The Shoegazer doubts it ruined this person’s night.  The second dollar was dropped by another fan of indie pop, who was One Happy Hipster after having his dollar returned to him.

Destination:  Dollar one was spent at the bar at Lizard Lounge shortly thereafter, as it went toward the obligatory $1 tip when The Shoegazer purchased a pint of beer (most likely an IPA, considering that’s about all they serve, despite having 30-something taps).  The second dollar probably was spent at the same bar, or possibly at the merch table.

Hear some music from One Happy Island here